On the Slow Lane

5 of the Slowest Places in the World

Living in the city is often associated with life in the fast lane. And a lot of cities seem to live up to the hype. But if you think you have to escape in the countryside to enjoy the slow life, you’re wrong. With a growing number of slow cities promoting the good life on the slow lane, city life is taking on a new meaning. Here are some of the world’s slowest cities that are leading the way to slow living in a city environment.

1. Falköping, Sweden
A city where cows outnumber its human residents, Falköping meets several of the Cittaslow or slow city criteria to make it to the list. It is a place where nature, cultural heritage, traditional arts and crafts, and the local food are celebrated and enjoyed.

2. Katoomba, Australia
Katoomba sits in the midst of the Greater Blue Mountains Area which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It boasts of beautiful architecture and breathtaking views of the valley. It was designated as a Cittaslow (Slow City) in 2007.

3. Ludlow, England
Ludlow Food Festival
Home to a famous food festival, Ludlow celebrates its local food. It is a great place to enjoy delicious and top quality locally-produced food and other artisanal food products.

4. Positano, Italy
Italy is home to more than 70 slow cities. Not a surprising feat from the country that started the slow movement and the birthplace of Cittaslow. The picturesque village of Positano is one of the pioneer slow cities in the country.

5. Sonoma Valley, CA, USA
Sonoma Valley
Sonoma Valley is one of the three places in the US designated as Cittaslow. Its commitment to promoting sustainable living is one of the things that make it an idyllic place for anyone looking for a slower pace.